AFFIRM developed a fun campaign for Metra featuring iconic summertime images with comic book-style headlines to show that Metra makes it easier to connect to your favorite summer activities.

2014 Summer Fun Digital Billboard

metra01 billboard

2014 Summer Fun Print Ad

metra04 chicago tribune print ad

2014 Summer Fun Web Banner Ads

Banner ads

2014 Summer Fun Gas Pump Topper

metra02 gas pump topper

AFFIRM created this promotional campaign to increase sales on discounted fares for 10-Ride tickets using radio, online, mobile, station posters, and seat-card flyers.

Ten Times Easier Campaign Poster

Ten ride ticket poster2

Ten Times Easier Campaign Poster

metra05 ten ride poster

Ten Times Easier Campaign Radio Ads


In an effort to increase awareness among commuters who drive to work of the benefits of riding the train, we created the Test Drive campaign which targeted traditional Chicago area commuters.

2013 Test Drive Campaign Billboard

Test drive billboard

2013 Test Drive Campaign Web Banner Ads

Banner ads

2013 Test Drive Campaign Ticket Letter and Envelope

Envelope and letter

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