Take a Hike!


Struggling to come up with a creative idea? Feeling stuck trying to reinvent the wheel?

My advice: Go take a hike! No, really!

I recently read a study by Dr. Marily Oppezzo (a Stanford graduate student at the time of the study) and Professor Daniel Schwartz, in the Stanford Graduate School of Education. What they found was that exercise of any kind helped improve thinking skills and helped to boost creativity. They found that after exercising, it markedly improved people’s ability to generate creative ideas, perform better in tests regarding memory, decision making and general thought organization. They found that the effects of a short 8 minute walk lingered long after the exercise had ended.

Why? The theories include improving the individual’s mood and allowing the paths of creativity to bloom more easily. Alternatively, it might also help to break down the wall of our brains hyper-rational filters allowing the wild creative thoughts to come crashing through.

I know when I feel like I’m spinning in circles and having a tough time, taking a quick stroll around the building really does help me to clear my mind and refocus on the task at hand. So instead of staring blankly at the issue you’re struggling to solve, step away and allow your mind to become inspired!

Find out more! https://news.stanford.edu/news/2014/april/walking-vs-sitting-042414.html

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