Traci Brice

Senior Graphic Designer

How I started in this business:

In college, I wanted to get an internship but wasn’t sure what the first step was. So, I started cold calling different marketing agencies. After a couple interviews, I landed a summer internship with Paine Communications between my junior and senior years. They hired me full time while I was still in my senior year at UW-Milwaukee. I’ll always be grateful for all the real world experience I gained!

What I like most about my job:

Every day is completely different. I have the privilege of designing for a variety of different clients and project types from logo design, print layout, web design and setting up and sending out email blasts. Each day is a new start.

When I’m not at work:

When I’m not at work, it’s all about quality family time with my husband Tim and our two kids, Aiden and Kaylee. We love spending time outdoors – going to parks, the West Bend Farmer’s Market and of course, the Milwaukee County Zoo!

Best advice I ever received:

“Follow your heart,” or “Follow your passion and do what you love.” I’m proud to say that I’m one of the lucky ones, because I’ve successfully been able to do just that.

If I weren’t doing this:

I would be running a brewpub with my husband. Tim loves home brewing and has big dreams. I would also become a non-starving artist, working on my original passions – drawing, painting, and sculpture – and getting more involved in fine art scene.

To me, Positively Engaging Marketing means:

First, looking at a product, service, or idea in its most positive light. Then, explaining that vision to everyone else in a way that makes their lives better.

traci brice

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