Stephanie Pottschmidt

Account Coordinator

How I started in this business:

I always knew I wanted to do something creative and wanted to land somewhere in the marketing world. I was also into following blogs in my personal life, and loved the different ways marketing could be intertwined. So I went to school for marketing, but ended up a Strategic Communication major, which was more PR-centric and focused on advertising and social media.

What I like most about my job:

I’m a person who works better with more on my plate, more to check off my list, so I really like that it’s busy. I think it’s important to feel productive, like you’re adding value to the team. I also like that we get to work with a lot of different clients, that we’re always looking to create new strategies for current clients, and that we’re actively seeking new clients. So far, it’s been something new every day!

When I’m not at work:

I recently moved to Milwaukee from my home state of Ohio, so most of my off-time is spent just exploring the best of the city! I really like finding new restaurants; my boyfriend and I have a goal to try a new food spot each week. I’m also a member of Echelon, a group for local young professionals under Salvation Army that focuses on awareness, education, and fundraising for the Salvation Army. It’s been a great way to meet people and make connections while engaging in the community.

Best advice I ever received:

Be afraid and do it anyway.

If I weren’t doing this:

I’ve always liked clothes so probably something in fashion, or doing branding or marketing for a corporate fashion retailer.

To me, Positively Engaging Marketing means:

Historically, advertising has a bad rap, so I think Positively Engaging Marketing means being honest and truthful about what you’re conveying to your clients and consumers. It also means keeping a positive rapport with clients, leaving a positive impact behind, and always trying to do your best work, whatever that may entail.

stephanie pottschmidt

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