Dena Vang

Assistant Account Executive

How I started in this business:

I started as a journalism major. I’ve always enjoyed writing and being able to tell stories. When I started college, I found that you could also do that in PR through brand storytelling, news pitches, and social media. It’s definitely a much better match for me.

What I like most about my job:

I love having the opportunity to be actively engaged and involved in a variety of client projects. Not a single day in (or out of) the office is the same.

When I’m not at work:

Recently I’ve been enjoying portrait photography and event photography. It’s a lot harder than it appears to be but it’s a lot of fun being able to work with people in that type of setting and seeing the outcome of your work. When I’m not doing that, I’m usually with family and friends…finding cheap places to eat.

Best advice I ever received:

Work hard, stay humble.

If I weren’t doing this:

I’d be traveling the world and taking pictures along the way.

To me, Positively Engaging Marketing means:

Being able to effectively communicate a message between a client and their target audience resulting in a positive impact.


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