Cathy Looze

Media Director

How I started in this business:

I’ve always been interested in advertising and in particular media. I even used to track the network premieres and guess what show was going to be a hit! When I graduated, I found a job as a Production Assistant at an agency and after a bit the owner stopped by and suggested that since my degree was in marketing research, I should move over to media. I did…and it was the best move I made.

What I like most about my job:

There is always something new in media. One day you’re buying print, the next day broadcast, and then all of a sudden you’re buying online display and social. You can’t stand to get complacent – you have to keep learning. Also, I’m a little bit inquisitive so I like learning and figuring out why people do what they do, what they’re reading, watching and listening too. And I like to spend money – wisely. Media buyers must be good stewards of their client’s budget. Media is one of the largest budget items for our clients and we want to make sure we get the most for their money.

When I’m not at work:

I’m in my kitchen making something. I like to bake; I like to cook. I just like to experiment in the kitchen.

Best advice I ever received:

“Don’t take everything too seriously.” Advertising is not brain surgery. Our job is to do the best we can for our clients, but realize that it’s not life or death. We’re not curing cancer here. We’re trying to convince people to change their behavior or buy a product, not save a life.

If I weren’t doing this:

I would’ve gone to the Culinary Institute and gotten a degree as a chef and eventually have my own restaurant or bakery.

To me, Positively Engaging Marketing means:

First, there’s the “engagement” part. We want people to connect and for our advertising messages to resonate with our customers. The “positive” part means we want to improve their lives. So, we work with our clients to help find ways to better the lives of their audiences.


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