Getting to Know Staples Marketing – Part Three




It’s time for another installment of “Getting to Know Staples Marketing”. This time, we’re learning about one of my personal favorite topics – food! I wanted to find out what kind of menu everyone would put together if they knew it would be their last meal. What did I learn by asking this question? Everyone else here has much more “grown-up” taste in food than I do. 🙂


Question 3: You get to pick your last meal. What would your menu consist of?

Roe: Steak and Lobster!

Ryan: A bottle of Cabernet, Caesar salad, and French onion soup. Filet mignon with sautéed mushrooms, garlic mashed potatoes, and asparagus. Mascarpone raspberry sauce cheesecake with Oreo crumbles crust.

Danny: Caesar Salad, Chicken Parmesan over ziti, fried eggplant and garlic bread.

Amy:  Either “Linguine with white clam sauce and a side of steamed broccoli with truffle oil” or “Sushi – Edamame, a tuna and avocado roll with a side of sriracha mayo, and a shrimp tempura roll”. Either one will include red velvet cake and an iced cappuccino for dessert.

Rick: A porterhouse steak, lobster tail and Kendall Jackson Chardonnay.

Cathy: Cappelini with fresh tomato sauce and basil, a bowl of Third Ward Cafe’s Cioppino (they’d re-open to make this for me), a bottle of Nero d’Avola, and a cannoli.

Traci: Filet mignon and truffled mashed potatoes from Carnevor Steakhouse!

Ingrid: I would start off with escargot. Roasted lamb, smashed potatoes, sautéed green beans with almonds.  Of course this would be accompanied by a good red wine. Something with chocolate and nuts, along with good coffee.  Then, a B&B, Jagermeister or Baileys to end the dinner.  Yummy! 🙂 I would not be able walk if I actually managed to eat all of this at one time.  But it would be fun to try.

Katie: Hands down, my mom’s homemade bacon-jalapeno-mac’ n cheese. It wouldn’t be complete without cookie dough for dessert.

Laura: A Caesar salad with homemade macaroni & cheese, mint chip ice cream and a fine red wine to go along with it.

Erik: My wife’s spicy kale salad and a Sazerac. Comet Café’s meatloaf sandwich, but with Carnevor’s truffle oil mashed potatoes because, while Comet’s potatoes are good, those truffle potatoes are incredible. And a couple scallops on the side. With this I’d drink a Rochefort 10, or maybe a bold red wine, like an old vine zin. A small helping each of: chocolate ganache, crème brulee, and Kopp’s grasshopper fudge custard. I’d have a few cups of a Chemex-brewed Sumatra with this course.

Josh: Thanksgiving Dinner (turkey, potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole and cranberry fluff) with Marionberry pie for dessert.


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