Getting to Know Staples Marketing – Part Four




We all have days when we wish we could just win the lottery, right? This week’s installment of “Getting to Know Staples Marketing” will give us a glimpse into what everyone here would actually do if it happened for them.

Question 4: What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?

Amy: I would give some to my family, save some, go on a shopping spree, and buy season tickets to the New York Knicks.

Josh: Donate a big chunk and then do a little traveling.

Danny: Call my lawyer.

Cathy: I would find a talented chef who shares my vision and open an Italian restaurant.  Something that is authentically Italian, but with some modern updates.  But not an Olive Garden.

Katie: Plan a huge trip around the world!

Erik: Pay off debts.

Jenny: Fly all my friends to Jamaica and have a giant party!

Rick: Rent a cabin, stock it with good food and great alcohol, and take as long as we needed to think about it. Or not think about it.

Laura: The first thing I would do is to hire a competent PR person to handle the deluge of media and requests for donations, and a fantastic financial planner to help me use the money in the wisest way possible.

Ingrid: I would determine the dollar amount available after taxes and then invest the money.  A portion of the invested money would be for retirement, some monies would be given to niece, nephew and daughter to pay off college loans once they have completed college and have good jobs and are established.   I would give some of the money away to non-profit organizations.

Ryan: I would walk outside, pop my trunk, grab a golf club and pretend my car is the printer from Office Space.

Roe: I’d invite family & friends to join me on an all-expenses paid vacation in some exotic, warm, fun location.

Traci: I would buy land on Lake Michigan and plan to build the house of my dreams!

Steve: Three Things – 1. Pay off all my debts and those of everyone in my family. 2. Invest enough to have sustainable income the rest of my days without having to “work”, and 3. Keep doing what I love to do at Staples Marketing but give a third of my winnings to charitable causes.

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