Getting to Know AFFIRM – Part 5

A while back, everyone in the office was filmed answering a series of questions ranging from what we like to do outside of work to how we ended up in the business. Steve and Emma (and I’m sure a few others) in our office have been working diligently on putting those video clips together as an addition to our website. We all watched a rough-cut of the video during an internal meeting recently and the question that intrigued me the most was “What do you like most about your job?” We all must like it for one reason or another or else we wouldn’t be here, right? It was fun hearing what others had to say and I was curious to hear more. So, this edition of “Getting to Know AFFIRM” asks just that – What do you like most about working at AFFIRM?

Ingrid: The flexibility in my schedule and my colleagues.

Ryan: The ability to work on so many different projects, which keeps me sharp, creative, and engaged.

Meaghan: THE PEOPLE. We have such a great family-like dynamic here. It’s one thing to enjoy what you do, but to also enjoy the company of those you work with makes coming to work that much more enjoyable.

Laura: Maybe it sounds corny, but my favorite part of what I do involves the people I get to work with – our AFFIRM team, and my clients. I couldn’t go to work every day without great relationships, and I am fortunate to be surrounded by smart, funny, creative, insightful, brave and caring people on all sides.

Amy: I like working with diverse clients. That plays a big role in what I like. It’s rewarding to work on so many accounts with different people. I’m constantly challenged because all of our clients and their items we promote are unique.

Karissa: My incredible coworkers, obviously. And the variety – I love that no two days are the same.

Erik: The variety of work we do. We have a ton of different clients. From day-to-day, I’m working on a small nonprofit, a governmental organization, something business-to-business, or something consumer-facing. We do all sorts of different design. It keeps me interested.

Traci: One of the best things about my job is that I’m never ever bored. No two days are the same here at AFFIRM. I have the opportunity to design different types of projects for a wide variety of clients. Also, my day would not be complete without the comradery of my coworkers! We’re like a close-knit family!

Katie: Beer30. Just kidding! I like that I’m constantly challenged by the wide variety of projects I work on, and of course, my coworkers! We all get along and enjoy what we do. We embrace “inspired fun” and I’m thankful for that.

Cathy: Trying out new restaurants?  Seriously, the best part is that I learn something new almost every day.  Media is always evolving; yesterday’s habits are just that – yesterday’s.  The only thing that is constant is change – and that’s what people and by extension media do every day.

Danny: I like collaborating with clients to help them achieve their goals and overcome their challenges over the long term.

Steve: I love the variety of clients and companies we work with, and that we have a small environment. It feels like family at times in that you know what’s going on with everyone, which isn’t always the case in a larger company.

Anne: I like the ability to tell stories every day. Stories that make people feel good about their business, and make others feel good about them.

Roe: I really like advertising because it truly impacts people. It works. You can create awareness, educate, and persuade people. I really enjoy that.

Emma: My brain is always running amok, coming up with crazy ideas and wild scenarios. At work I get to put those ideas to use (naturally with a few restrictions), and help people in the process.

Rick: I like to get to know people and build relationships. I like to make it easy for people to talk to me and confide in me and I get to do that at work.

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