Happy Milwaukee Day! For those who don’t know, April 14th is recognized by an increasing number of locals as “Milwaukee Day”. Why? Because…

April 14 = 4/14 ≈ 414 = the area code of Milwaukee County (and bits of Waukesha County).

And, depending on how your Excel spreadsheet is set to identify dates, you might also write April 2014 as 4/14, so we actually find ourselves right in the middle of “Milwaukee Month”, as well.

Milwaukee Day is a time to celebrate what makes our geographic area so special. Go to a Milwaukee Brewers game, walk through the Milwaukee Art Museum, and shop at the Milwaukee Public Market – but that’s just the beginning. There are dozens of area events, music venues, restaurants, coffee shops, parks, museums, bars, libraries, record stores, bike trails, and quirky little gas stations that sell fried chicken that you’ve yet to visit.

But really, this is all stuff you should do every day (except Brewer games, which will only run through October this year). Let Milwaukee Day be your springboard into an ongoing exploration of the local richness that exists 365 days a year.

Local businesses, the responsibility falls largely onto you, too. People are generally creatures of habit, and will continue to visit their customary haunts until someone or something prompts them to do otherwise. Some local media sources are very thorough with their stuff-to-do coverage, and draw attention to even the lesser known businesses when it’s warranted.  Those recommendations will only go so far, though, if you don’t also inform your fellow Milwaukeeans that you’re here, you’re awesome, and that you can’t wait for them to visit.

So, Milwaukee, don’t let April 14th be your one capsule of local enthusiasm for the year. Let it be the beginning of a more engaged Milwaukee Life. Get out of your comfort zone a little, and enjoy, but only after you’ve finished filing your tax return!

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