Wisconsin ended 2014 with 498 traffic fatalities the lowest number of deaths and the first time under 500 since 1943


In 2008, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation issued an RFP for the development of a statewide public information campaign that would help to reduce the number of preventable deaths on Wisconsin roadways to ZERO. The campaign needed to address all seven Bureau of Transportation Safety programs, including seat belts, impaired driving and distracted driving.


AFFIRM (formerly Staples Marketing) was awarded a four-year contract in 2008 to develop and launch the campaign, which the agency branded ZERO IN WISCONSIN. This all-encompassing public information effort has resulted in award-winning television, radio, print, outdoor and online advertising, as well as the production of the DRIVE SOBER mobile application. AFFIRM re-won another four-year contract in 2012 to continue executing the campaign.


Wisconsin ended 2014 with 498 traffic fatalities, the lowest number of deaths and the first time under 500 since 1943.

State traffic deaths in 2014 down 7% from 2013, and 11% fewer than the five-year average of 559.

Safety belt usage in Wisconsin reached an all-time high in 2014 with 85% of motorists buckling up.

Deaths due to alcohol-related crashes down 47% from 348 in 2003 to 185 in 2013.

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