Significant awareness in a very short period of time. 45 percent of drivers surveyed were aware of the campaign


The Salt Lake City Police Department sought to develop and implement a high-visibility public awareness campaign in Salt Lake City focusing on unsafe, aggressive or distracted driving of passenger vehicles near and around commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) that are over 10,000 pounds. The goal of the campaign was to induce motorists to drive safely, thereby reducing traffic accidents and injuries. It additionally sought to raise the public awareness of potential dangers of driving near CMVs on Salt Lake City roadways, including the risk of a citation and serious personal injury.


As the result of a competitive RFP process, AFFIRM (formerly Staples Marketing) was awarded a contract to research, develop and implement the campaign. First, the agency conducted focus groups of truck drivers and motorists to discover what some of the barriers were to getting drivers to act more safely around large CMV’s. Using the main research finding that the average motorist doesn’t understand that trucks have multiple blind spots and require additional space for operating, the agency developed the campaign theme IT’S NOT A RACE, TRUCKS NEED SPACE. Using this theme, the agency produced award-winning TV, radio, outdoor and online advertising that ran in the Salt Lake City market throughout the spring of 2014.


The campaign achieved significant awareness given the very short period of time the campaign ran. 45% of drivers surveyed were aware of the campaign.

Two-thirds of drivers believe aggressive driving is a problem that should be addressed.

Drivers clearly heard the campaign messages. When asked what they remembered about messages they had seen or heard, drivers were able to recall the themes and content of the campaign.

Over 90% of drivers said the campaign was “somewhat” to “very” effective in impacting their personal driving habits.

Over 70% of drivers said the campaign was “somewhat” to “very” effective in impacting the driving habits of other drivers.

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