Open Enrollment Benefits Communications

We have supported ManpowerGroup's North American Employee Benefits Communications for over 10 years


ManpowerGroup needed an entire strategy for North American benefits communications in line with the company’s brand and special communications challenges, including extensive annual open enrollment campaigns, ACA communications and change management.

Their program includes seven different employee groups with different benefit plans and rates, multiple channels of communication and sensitivities.


AFFIRM (formerly Staples Marketing) was hired to work with the Manpower benefits team on year-over-year strategic planning based on plan design changes, with tactics that support enrollment and business goals and support employer and company brand standards. Communications deliverables have included over 60 individual projects involving an overall communications strategy, complete benefits guides, summary plan descriptions, webinars, videos, direct mail, and many more.


10+ Years ManpowerGroup has engaged AFFIRM to support its North American employee benefits communications.

2006 Open Enrollment “the best open enrollment guide the company had ever produced,” ManpowerGroup CEO Jeff Joerres.

48 deliverables in multiple formats and versions produced in a 60-day time period, successfully meeting and exceeding goals and timelines for messaging, compliance and successful enrollment periods.

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