Reaching New Audiences

22 percent increase in new and younger audiences


The Fireside Dinner Theatre needed to develop a plan that would maintain awareness among their traditional audience of adults 55-plus while also attracting its next generation of audiences led by 25-54 year-old women.  In reaching out to new audiences, they hoped to position The Fireside as an entertainment destination that provides substantial value and exceeds expectations on every level.


The Fireside hired AFFIRM (formerly Staples Marketing) to revamp its branding with a new tagline, collateral, and website, while also implementing new strategically placed radio, television and online advertising, email and texting programs, a series of promotional partnerships, public relations and group sales marketing.


5 consecutive years of revenue and attendance increases.

22% increase in new and younger audiences.

95% awareness of The Fireside Theatre in Southern Wisconsin (highest among performing
arts centers).

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