in 2010 the recycle for good campaign increased recycling by 30 percent in targeted inner city areas


For ten years prior to Recycle for Good, no major coordinated recycling promotional campaign had been conducted and tonnage of recyclables collected by DPW had been declining on an annual basis. In 2007, the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for professional services to help the City increase recycling levels among residents and develop a comprehensive social marketing initiative, including messages and strategies to facilitate this effort. In October AFFIRM (formerly Staples Marketing) was awarded a multi-year contract to develop and implement the campaign.


AFFIRM developed the RECYLE FOR GOOD campaign based on the results of research it conducted among City of Milwaukee residents to help determine what motivates people to recycle, as well as to identify the barriers to recycling. In order to get the message out and encourage behavior change, AFFIRM created the RECYCLE FOR GOOD campaign brand that is memorable and recognizable, a campaign-specific website: and print, online and radio messages to educate and persuade residents to recycle more.


In 2010, the Recycle for Good campaign goal of increasing recycling by 30% in a targeted inner city area (on a pounds per household basis) was met.

Recycling pounds per household in 2013 were 19.6% higher than in 2009.

The number of recycling pick up day inquiries from the 2013 guaranteed collection schedule season (Apr. 
through Nov.) was less than 2% of the number in 2009 during that same time period.

Missed collection complaints were down 39%.

Citywide in 2013, DPW collected 25,052 tons of residential recyclables, an increase of 3.7% over 2012 or 5.9% on a pounds per household basis.

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