The Emmy Awards

On the Eve of a New Broadcast Season, Emmys Ratings Drop to a Record Low That was Monday’s headline almost everywhere. Here’s my theory. The Emmys honor excellence in TV. This year’s nominees include: Game of Thrones (HBO), Veep (HBO), … Read more

Fall Season – Part 2

So, back to the upfronts…this time on Fox, or as it’s locally known, Fox6. Fox is going to do more new shows and fewer reruns which in TV terms means that there will be a fall season and then another … Read more

Fall TV Season

One of the most fun parts of media remains the annual upfronts, when the networks parade their new programming to media buyers across the country.  We get to see snippets of each of the new shows and then we get … Read more

Who’s Watching What?

As we look back through the evolution of media, it was predicted that each new one would kill off the other…when television came into being, everyone predicted radio would die.  Cable television was going to replace television, streaming radio was … Read more

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