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Since 2004, we’ve used our SMART process to develop cost-effective campaigns that break through and deliver results for clients across all business sectors including consumer, business-to-business, public sector organizations, family-owned businesses, and Fortune 500 companies.

We understand that, while every client has different goals and objectives, they’re looking to engage audiences in ways that achieve measurable results. We created our SMART process to be collaborative and thorough so that every campaign we work on is a success, from start to finish. Our SMART process includes the following 5 phases:


We immerse ourselves in our clients’ business to understand the challenges, goals, and objectives. This typically involves some form of research.


We develop a strategic plan that clearly outlines how the program will reach the target audiences and achieve the desired outcomes.


We create multiple forms of content, then design and produce all campaign tactics for use across various media platforms.


While the campaign is in progress, we regularly analyze data and track performance in order to make necessary refinements or adjustments to the plan.


For every campaign, we know how we’re going to measure and evaluate it in order to meet, and exceed, program goals. We also look beyond the metrics to achieve Total Success in the areas of client service, accountability, and cost-efficiency.

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