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In the thick of the eat/shop/buy/stay local movements, AFFIRM created the fun and timely FLY LOCAL! campaign for Dane County Regional Airport to encourage travelers to fly out of Madison instead of other regional “big box” airports. AFFIRM developed a theme, outdoor billboards, print ads, online ads, radio ads, and social media, as well as the creative campaign’s “spokesperson” – a flying cow. Through various festivals and events, a FLY LOCAL booth was strategically placed to raise awareness and invite people to sign up to register to win $1000 in airline tickets through Delta. In addition, AFFIRM created a pledge page where people were encouraged to pledge to fly local. Upon doing so, they were entered into a drawing for a gift card to Dane Buy Local, a coalition of local Madison-area independent businesses and organizations in and around Dane County. The campaign focused on all of the benefits and features of flying local, including the potential to save money on parking, gas, tolls, and traffic, the locally-sourced food vendors within the airport, and supporting the local economy.

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