The state of health care has changed for the better

When the leading advocate for managing health care costs for employers in Wisconsin was looking for a fresh look, we helped lead the way.

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When the Business Health Care Group (BHCG) was looking to refresh their brand identity based on new leadership and the ever changing health care landscape for businesses in Wisconsin, AFFIRM led them through a comprehensive, strategic branding process involving key stakeholders, employers, and providers. Coming out of research, key decisions were made in creating their new brand identity, such as placing an emphasis on the acronym ‘BHCG’ as the call letters for the organization – rather than the formal name and to support it with a new, easier to recall and recognize web domain – The color palette was also updated, introducing boldness and simplicity – key attributes of companies working within the health care field.

We extended the brand refresh to all areas of BHCG’s marketing collateral, from their website, to annual reports and other digital and printed materials. To introduce the new brand, we even created custom chocolate wrappers to help sweeten the deal at the brand’s unveiling meeting! With the updated branding, BHCG is now better positioned to grow in their commitment to providing opportunities with their partners to employers in Wisconsin for improved health plan performance through innovative programs, services, and capabilities.

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