Getting to Know AFFIRM 2.0

Warm weather is finally here and summer is on the brain!  Which summer activity are you looking forward to the most this year?!


Meaghan: Hiking! Beach Days! Farmers Markets! All of it!


Karissa: LAKE DAAAAAYS! Am I tan yet?


Amy: Laying by the pool and grilling out with friends


Emma: There’s nothing better than summertime in Lake Country…can’t wait to be out on the water! ☼


Dena: Festivals, farmers market, being out by the beach, and traveling more (hopefully)


Ryan: Camphishikegolfing


Mark: Fishing and golfing. And yes, I’m an old man.


Cathy: There is no ONE activity. Looking forward to warm weather, barbecuing with friends, 4th of July, pie baking contest of course!, everything summer has to offer.


Steve: Golf, what else?!


Danny: Ultimate frisbee season!





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