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My Digital Vacation

I’ve been in the advertising and marketing business since the late 1980’s. In that time, I’ve seen a sea change in the marketing landscape, going from when the newspaper and radio dominated the local advertising scene, to the digital world … Read more


Drugged Driving

The Spirit of Collaboration

One of AFFIRM’s primary Core Values is to be Openly Collaborative. We recently lived this value to the fullest by managing the collaborative effort of our most important public sector clients, the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Wisconsin Department … Read more


Christmas Might Be Over, But Its Positive Effect Remains “Frozen” in Time!

This month, a good idea for a fun AFFIRM holiday greeting to our clients, vendors and other partners turned into the best team building exercise of the year. The good idea was to produce a “Holiday Mannequin Challenge” video that … Read more


Easy Answers Are Better

Recently, my business credit card number was compromised and someone used it to go on a bit of a shopping spree at Walmart and Target stores in the Kenosha area. This is not the first time my business credit card … Read more


Reconnecting with Old Friends is Good For You and, Sometimes, Good for Business!

One of the many benefits of Facebook is that it offers the opportunity for reconnections with old friends under the right circumstances. For me, those circumstances are often business opportunities that require me to travel to cities where old friends … Read more


Fleeting Inspiration

For no more than one week per year, the two crabapple trees outside my office bloom spectacularly. For the other 51 weeks, they’re either skeletal shrubs with dead fruit that even the birds won’t eat or unkempt looking green trees … Read more


Business Travel Tips (or what I’ve noticed lately on a lot of recent flights)

Over the past few months, I’ve been traveling a lot more on business than I have in a while. New York. LA. New Orleans. Cincinnati. Sacramento. Orlando. During the course of these flights, I’ve noticed a few travelers doing some … Read more


The Power of Peers

I just returned from my bi-annual Agency Management Institute (AMI) conference in New Orleans. AMI is an organization that is a resource to advertising agencies in many ways. It provides seminars on everything from account service to agency operations. It … Read more


Why We Still Enter the ADDY Awards

For whatever reason, there’s been a very noticeable drop in the number of actual advertising agencies submitting award entries into the annual American Advertising Federation (AAF)-Madison local ADDY Awards competition. I should note that Milwaukee hasn’t had an AAF chapter … Read more


Driving the Seat Belt Safety Message in WI

Staples Marketing has been fortunate to be able to work with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation on its annual CLICK IT OR TICKET campaign since 2006.  In some ways, it’s amazing to me that in this day and age, we … Read more

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